Welcome to my blog!

Hi I am Edith and I am a Pinay. I created this blog to share my thoughts and my love of traveling . Join me in my local trips and see why this second home of mine is called Amazing Thailand. The superb Thai Cuisine, colorful culture, unforgettable tourist spots and friendly people (the Land of Smiles is also known for), these are just few Thailand has to offer. There is more and they are more exciting to explore. Sawadee Kha!

Apart from my budget travels, I am glad to offer my simple piece of relationship advice to you based from my experience. Please feel free to open my page and you will be more motivated and realized that loving first yourself is not selfish but the first act before you love others.

Pinay is a slang word for Filipino woman. Pinays are loving and family oriented. Ironic but for the love of our family, we choose to leave our loved ones for the love of them.